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A very warm welcome to Haygrove USA. We invite you to take a look at our range of High Tunnels or Substrate Growing Systems. You are also welcome to book a visit to see one of our show sites.

Welcome to Haygrove

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High Tunnels

Trellis Series

The ideal High Tunnel for Tomato or Peppers crops or those growers working growing high value nursery or ornamental crops.

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In the season Haygrove employ up to 700 seasonal staff and 70 full time staff to run the farm and harvest approximately 2000 tonnes of berries.

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Haygrove Pre-Pack Tunnel Range

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Super Solo

The Super Solo Tunnel has taller vertical sides. It is designed to have the advantages of a well-sealed single bay tunnel but with the air volume of a multi-span. It is ideal for cane and bramble crops, tomatoes, peppers and table top strawberries.
$8995.00 + delivery

Gothic Solo

Designed for extended or full four season cover – the Gothic combines strength with large air volume. Excellent for speciality trellis crop growers or as very large strong cold frames for nursery and ornamental growers.
$7155.00 + delivery

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For all the latest Haygrove news and events we've got planned, read our new Haygrove TunnelBuzz blog on our new website.

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Gothic Solo

Gothic Solo


Haygrove Development

Haygrove Development is a not-for-profit company established by Haygrove.

Gambia is Good

Gambia is Good is a cross-sector partnership between Concern Universal and Haygrove.

Bright Futures

Bright Futures - Growing future farmers with a sustainable enterprise based development programme.

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Cold Frames for the Nursery Grower

High Tunnels for the nursery and pot plant growers with unique features for strength and venting.

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Why not arrange a visit to see some of Haygrove High Tunnels first hand. We would be delighted to set up an appointment.

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Keith Cramer
Keith Cramer

Why not come and visit us in Lancaster County, PA. Haygrove runs in partnership with Cramers Posies Patch, the award winning Cut Flower business. Meet Keith and Ralph Cramer and visit the Haygrove’s not only covering Cut Flowers, but also undertaking trial work on wine grapes, tomatoes and other crops.