Growing Systems

Field-scale polytunnels have serious strategic significance for our planet, as the world’s population is growing sharply and the climate is becoming less reliable. Haygrove Polytunnels manage the growing environment and protect crops against weather, which in turn increases growers’ yields and profits. Haygrove sells polytunnels to over 40 markets worldwide, in which there are differing climates and challenging growing conditions.

Haygrove polytunnels are a field-scale solution to covering crops, which are semi-permanent and follow the natural contours of the ground. They can be built to any length and there are options for single bay or multibay tunnels. Haygrove Polytunnels are available in 40mm (1.575 inches), 50mm (1.968 inches) or 60mm (2.362 inches) XS steel and they can be strengthened with extra bracing on the tunnel ends, apex and leg rows. Tunnel ends and sides can be covered to seal the polytunnels and add extra protection.