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Haygrove polytunnels provide profitable, functional and sustainable solutions to growers around the world. Our range of tunnel systems enable the grower to increase yields, improve quality, maximize cropping area, lengthen harvest periods and smooth production peaks.


We started the development of polytunnels over 20 years ago and test all our latest innovations on our own farms before we present them to the market. Our engineers collaborate closely with our customers and our own growers, creating practical designs with crop specific needs in mind.

Our systems and technologies enable the grower to manage the natural environment to maximize productivity and quality of the crop: protecting it from temperature and humidity extremes; wind, rain, snow, hail, frosts and excess sun. Anti-dust, anti-drip, light diffusing, temperature reducing, disease reducing, crop delaying, long-life and high light transmission; the opportunity for different impacts as a result of polythene choice is exciting and developing fast. Likewise, the choice of different densities and colours of shade nets for different crops and times of the year is fascinating; we offer a wide range. Insect nets are clearly going to be a much more important part of our future armoury as pests spread rapidly around the world to new regions and chemicals become less available because the manufacturer has not registered them for non-commodity high-value crops. We offer a full range of nets.

Other benefits of tunnels are significant savings in water and fertiliser by reducing evapotranspiration and more precise drip irrigation within a more controlled environment. This same environment also enables workers to continue working productively in poor weather, allowing the farm to provide more consistent and pleasant work. Our tunnels are designed with mechanization and automation in mind, ensuring access for both people and machinery.

Growing crops in polytunnels has strategic significance for our planet. As the world’s population and its aspirations rise, the demand for healthy, reliable and efficient food sources also grows. At Haygrove, we believe this can be achieved proactively and food can be grown more locally as well.

Please contact us with your growing challenge and we will work hard with your team to solve it.

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