We grow the best strawberry varieties we can find from around the world. In particular, they are from the world's leading berry company - Driscoll's. We grow these in coir substrate (coconut fibre), on systems of table-top height, and organically in high carbon content soil. Indeed, we have been the largest organic berry growers in the UK for over 20 years.

The fruit is sold through the co-operative, Berry Gardens, along with over 50 other growers to premier retailers in the UK, and through Driscoll's in Europe and Asia.


We grow, what is usually, the longest season of cherries in the UK with early and late sites at different altitudes in Herefordshire - this fruit is sold to leading British retailers.

We also have a small partnership in South Africa, which was originally destined for the UK, as well as local sales. We are now finding this fruit is worth more in Asia. We enjoy our cherries very much.


Over the last fifteen years, we've focussed hard on trying to be experts at raspberry growing in substrate, using mainly the Driscoll's variety, Maravilla. We were one of the first to grow in substrate on-scale, and it is fast becoming the system of choice throughout the world.

We have grown our own long-cane plants for over 20 years, cold storing them for different harvest dates. Maravilla, as a single variety, has helped change global appreciation of this most healthy food. Interestingly, the proportion of the world that has ever eaten a raspberry is probably still less than 5%.


Blueberries are a wonderful fruit and are rapidly increasing in production globally. They are a very important crop for us in Africa, and as with the other berries, we now almost exclusively grow them in substrate, for greater consistency. 

The breadth of results achievable by different ranges of technical skill, even under the protection of tunnels from the weather is very large. We see a great future for these large, flavoursome berries.


Blackberries are the superfood of the future, which have traditionally disappointed due to flavours. However, that is all changing now, and there are some beautiful, both sweeter and more complex blackberry flavours waiting to be discovered by consumers.

Like all berries, they are enormously good for you and we're proud to grow the best varieties all year round.