We aim to offer you an exceptional experience from the moment you join us. Upon arrival you will be given a full induction and all the relevant training you require. You will be provided with your own good quality, low-cost accommodation, either in one of our mobile homes or a larger hostel. We will make sure you are fully supported throughout your time at Haygrove – with the optional support of our welfare and well-being services – in a fair and safe working environment.

We firmly believe in helping you develop and progress within our business. Whilst you may join us at a basic level, there are always opportunities for those who wish to improve their skills or specialise, opening the door to more specific knowledge and leadership roles.

Our success is your success, and we recognise with rewards those of you who work hard and show consideration for others.


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For clarity, the Brexit position with regards to entry to the U.K. for seasonal workers is that there is no change until the end of 2020. We expect there to be a seasonal work permit scheme in place after this (Otherwise the U.K. population will go hungry, it’s hospitals be unstaffed, and it’s restaurants unserved).

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