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We wish to provide our customers with complete and sustainable growing systems. The system must be integrated in design with the polytunnel, for maximum efficiency and output. Our range of products reflects the result of working with leading growers, including our own, to develop innovative systems that meet their needs.

Table top strawberry substrate systems vary in gutter width, spacing, angle, bracketry, and appropriateness one day to robots (we are working with robot developers now). Substrate systems for strawberries and other crops can significantly increase labour productivity compared to growing in soil. Non-harvest costs are reduced as there is no need to move tunnels or irrigation, make beds or weed. Substrate systems facilitate quick re-planting, allowing growers to double crop, maximizing investment per ha.  For example, growers can plant a first crop of strawberries in summer to harvest in late autumn and then overwinter the same plant to take a second crop in early spring the following year. Or can do two plantings in the same structure in a year.

Other benefits of adopting substrate systems include the ability to use polytunnels semi-permanently for easier tunnel management with planners and neighbours. Growing is less weather and soil dependent as crops are grown typically in coir, the natural by-product of coconut fibre, or peat.  Substrate production enhances crop uniformity and controls and eliminates the need for tractor cultivations and soil sterilisation.  Substrate gutters enable the grower to catch and recycle water and nutrients and contribute to a drier tunnel environment.

We grow organically as well; however, we are strong advocates of substrate systems for high value conventional crops. They require good long-sighted purchase decisions as are with you for many years. They also require grower management training, which in certain circumstances we can provide.

Our commonly bought substrate range is below. Contact us with your specific objectives and we will work hard with your team to achieve them.


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1 - Crop type

  • Strawberries

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2 - Growing method

  • Pot

  • Trough

  • Bag

3 - Gutter shape

  • A130

    Single Drain Gutter designed for 1m 16 litre or 0.5m 8 litre trough or 13cm bag

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  • B200

    Double Drain Gutter - the original design with a 0.5m 11 litre trough or 20cm bag

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  • C160

    Double Drain Gutter suitable for 16cm wide bag

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  • C200

    Double Drain Gutter suitable for 20cm wide bag

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4 - Coating

  • White Polyester

  • White Polyurethane

  • Magnesium Passivated

5 - Row configuration

  • Single row

    Designed to provide a glasshouse quality system for tunnel growers. As an example, this substrate system in an 8.5m wide tunnel delivers 7,050 linear meters per hectare.

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  • Fixed double row

    Achieves high density cropping and is best suited for warmer temperatures where raising and lowering is not required. As an example, this substrate system in an 8.5m wide tunnel delivers 9,400 linear meters per hectare.

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  • Telescopic double row

    This substrate option can be lowered to cover and overwinter plants to secure the earliest crop, and then raised to increase picking speed. For example, this substrate system in an 8.5m wide tunnel delivers 9,400 linear meters per hectare.

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  • Triple row

    Designed for mid-latitude regions with high light levels, or growers wishing to experiment with extra mid-summer plantings or artificial lighting. For example, this substrate system in an 8.5m wide tunnel delivers 14,100 linear meters per hectare.

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6 - Leg height


7 - Bracket

  • Fixed

    A simple solution to support fruit laden trusses

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  • Adjustable

    Gives growers the flexibility to adjust the truss and leaf support heights. The system can be optimised for different varieties.

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